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WILD & FREE AGAIN began as an individual effort to save one small opossum in late 1990.  Realizing that there were very few sources of help and information to adequately care for and rehabilitate wildlife, Beverly Grage began accepting wild mammals into care, eventually obtaining sufficient experience and training to qualify for State permitting as a wildlife rehabilitator.   In 1994, State Game Wardens began bringing birds of prey (raptors) to be cared for, and a whole new learning curve of wildlife rehab began. 

A U.S.Fish & Wildlife migratory birds permit was obtained, allowing for the rehabilitation of migratory birds.     

All efforts of wildlife rehab are conducted solely from the rehabilitator’s own, personal funds.  There are no Federal, State, County or other funds for these efforts.  Wildlife rehabilitators exist completely from their own monies or from the donations of others who share a common love and concern for the welfare of our wildlife.  

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Contact me personally at: bpgrage@gmail.com